finished amethyst!  wahhh can’t wait for this mini con uwu

cutie-cunt asked: i really love your a giant woman is it ok if i recreate it on canvas for my room

aww thanks! <3 ;w; and sure!  just know to not alter my art or claim it as yours!  thanks for asking!

finished pearl! uwu

ah yes!  i actually have gotten a message from them before about what they do and to check out the blog!  

For you hard working artists and/or art buyers out there!! totally check this blog out! :3 great stuff and signal boosts!

Anonymous asked: What college are you studying at?

montclair state university :3 their illustration programs getting a lot better yee! i love it uwu

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aigisslash asked: your painting style is super pretty!!!!!

ahhh gosh thank you so much bab <3 uwu

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a giant woman!!!

(this took me forever cries)

i will be selling some prints at this little anime con at my school this weekend uwu

tried drawing my old moth oc angel~ he is a fashionista!

prince kamali is a babe and i want to hold him in my arms cries

night thank you for making this beautiful babby <3