Anonymous asked: I have two pieces I'm going to post hopefully tonight ; w ; If not, tomorrow for sure. <3 I'm working on one at the moment, heh.


okiedokie then i’m just gunna wait here patiently and start crying because this is too sweet ;o; <3


frenchfrycoolguy made one of my most favorite drawings of rue and an alien husband oc of all time but theyre a weenie and wont finish or post it so i can lavish it with attention so i just stare at the unfinished wip ;_;


as a side note if you draw anyone from the gayliens! tag (even with your fun alien oc or whatever) please tag it as “gayliens!” so i can lavish it with attention!!!!

UM SAME.  ALSO.. frenchfrycoolguy i would like to see this and lavish it with love as well plz!!!!! D: <

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Anonymous asked: oh gosh i'm so shy to actually post it up!! uhm, but i will ; w ; 'cause you're awesome and a great inspiration to me, and i adore your oc babies they're so precious

SCREAMS U ARE THE SWEETEST ANON kissus u <33 this is the cutest thing im so happy rn i will have good dreams tonight!! ;w; i can’t wait to see it! <3

Anonymous asked: art of your oc's uwu <3

oh gosh!! if you tagged “brainbloops” i woulda seen it by now!! and you could have messaged me with the link to the post because i am so willing to reblog it <33

Anonymous asked: do you have a submit button ?

no i do not sorry! may i ask what it is that you would want to submit..? :0

size matters: aka lets talk about canvas resolution


funny story. for actual years while i was doing digital painting just as a wee bab makin my way through deviantart i never paid attention to canvas size. i thought 1000x1000pi at 72 resolution was perfectly fine and up until about two years ago i still used those dimensions. i was at the top of…

candycorned asked: Your art is so gorgeous and just lovely to look at! c:

omg thank you <33 this makes me so happy ahhh! <33 gives u a smooch!!

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hey guys!  My commission slots have been open for a while… ;;;
anyway.. so next year there will be a LOT of cons going on and i met up with an old friend monica and her qt pie friend nina at kawaiiland (also i went there with a good friend CC AND SO MUCH FUN CRIES)!! <3 omg i met so many qts… and tbh that was my very first legit anime/lolita con ever.. my school’s ChibiCon doesnt count cries..

and i totally wanna go to more conventions and even sell at some tables!  i know you guys suggested some good ones on the east coast!  and i’m waiting for registration to come up so hopefully i can sell and say hello to you lovelies <3

But to be able to pay for all of the supplies get to these cons I’d have to make some money.. signal boosts are much appreciated if you cannot afford any commissions right now.. i totally understand! <3 thank you guys!! ;-; ahhhh!

for more info on prices and examples here or check out my art blog!
BEST WAY TO CONTACT ME: my contact page!!!
PLZ also mention your tumblr username when you email me THANK YOU <3

all my SLOTS ARE OPEN AAAHHH <33 ;w;


i’m gunna definitely be selling original and gayliens! stuff since its 100% original art!

but in order to make all the merch i need for you guys it costs money! ;-;
so i’m hoping you guys can help me out by commissioning me or even signal boosting and/or telling your friends!  I know it’s really silly of me to ask but i would really love to go to Ohayocon and say hi to all of y’all <33 ;w; thank you <333 

Anonymous asked: Um, i'm sorry to bother you but I had a question. In your /post/81468420741, I was wondering do you know what those kind of pants are called? I'd like to use them in a design but I can't really search them without some sort of term. If you know, thank you very much (btw I love those pants because of your kian designs <3)

ooh aha well i actually kinda made them up!  i know they probably exist somewhere i just dunno the name of it ;w; but i guess i got inspired by the way parachute pants look

and thank you so much!! thats so sweet of you for asking <33