asahi black and white commission for avocad0e !! thank you again <33


i found this oooold file of babes in 50’s style and i just had to “pretty” it up a bit cries

pixel kaylen for this cutie <33 

psst so i do pixel commissions now psst psst ;3

Commission post!! (pixels too!)

i dont wanna have to spam any of your dash again that old commission post so I made a journal on DA with specific prices and where you can message me!! ;w; I’M NOW OPENING PIXEL COMMISSIONS NOW… i’m a little more confident in making some.. hopefully you or someone you know is interested <3 

ollie wiggling his wolf ears and being all flirty huhuhuhu

marcel my cafe angel as a pixel <3

100% view:

strong female warrior characters my fave thing!!! UoU warrior rena for beanie <3 happy belated bday!!

drew a qt advisor cullen a whiiiiiile back!  just kept forgetting to put it up..

hay.. also if you guys want illustrated commissions like this my commission post is here!! (also i dont wanna have to spam the post again cries!! ;w; ty)



opening up commissions again!! <33 more info and samples here

pay with paypal plz! ;w; also contact me thru my site <3

i could use some extra pocket money! ;w; and especially for making charms and prints for future cons!! signal boosts appreciated <33

my stuff on other sites!

lol hey guys <3
sorry for the slow postage.. i’m thinking about using wysp and deviantart again to get myself out there more!!  rn it’s just gunna be a giant art spam of what are mostly my twitter doodles on both those sites..
so yeah if you wanna check my stuff out:
my wysp
my (OOOOLD) deviantart