everytime a star is at the end of its time.. it turns into a supernova which leaves behind lil star dust.
Frankie collects the little stars and keeps them in lil bottles.  He then takes them back home to his lil comet where he raises them to be big stars again and lets them back into the night skyyyy


Some of my sketchbook doodles!! Sorry for my lack of art, guys ;__;

my babies cries i still miss u so much jordy bb u-u <33333
gguuuhhhh will and frankie and their mornin smooches kisses them holds them close

Gunna sell hawke and fenris stickers at cons soon yeeee

a commission done for doctorginger!! you are the cutest and thank you so much for commissioning me <333 ;w;!!

gonna start my next one but my commissions are still open!! 

*EDIT: fixed the legs up a bit 

mechagrunty asked: but you can kiss him on the eyelid when it's closed, which is much sweeter.

omgoodness that is true!!! kisses from all his gaylien husbands uou

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wobblywoods asked: Does Frankie's third eye move and react like his other two? :o

YUP!! so there’s not really any room to kiss him on the forehead u-u

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will is the dad of all yokes

i dont think i ever uploaded this here!!

…. Will is the dad of all the jokes!!

my fave doodle of will and frankie i drew in jordy’s sketchbook ohoho

frankie u dork!! will just got a haircut!! u-u

played around with my style on the flight back home! uou