more twitter doodles!! 
characters belong to me, jordy, night and brig <33

a dump of old twitter doodles of some cuties <3 uou characters belong to me, night and jordy <3

still playin’ around with lucy’s look and backstory yee

lucy is a radical dame that likes to play games

also she’s from space

lapis lazuli!! i just had to draw her after watching that episode of steven universe <333

I just finished free!

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a redesign of an old oc cassidy!! her design was based on a bleeding dove uwu

Anonymous asked: Anon from a few days ago! I'm sorry I didn't get to post anything! I'm currently finishing up the picture now, hopefully things don't pop up again to make me unable to show you :>!! Anyways! I hope you enjoy the picture when it's finally finished! <3 <3

oh gosh i was wondering where you went! and that is totes okay!! take as much time as you want! <3 i can’t wait to see your lovely art im so giddy thinking about it!!! :DDDD

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twitter doodles of my ocs otto and datura

sculpted primrose with his lantern for my 3d texture and lighting class!