Pirate captain rawley aw yee

my knees and knuckles are a bloody mess after finishing up this disaster master

a 2 page comic for my cartooning class where i insert ocs.. oh god im gunna pass out goodbye

frankie is mine and rue is windy’s 
In My Life Lyrics - Beatles 

Title: You Belong to Me (Bioshock)

388 plays

when i heard this song from bioshock.. i had to sing it cries

Rawley is officially a tree creeper…




im dying

alex made this and sliding this here because i can



alelelex’s and my goat peoples <3

and Au revoir~ time for french fff

;___; my heart 


butchering my oc in maya cries.. im kinda getting it now @w@;;

thank you lovelies who chilled with me in last night’s doodlestream <3 u3u
doodled kicks my zebstrika gijinka hehehe i still havent slept goodnight/morning?? @w@;

frankie and lucy kekeke 

lucifer’s probably showing frankie around in the demon world laughs 
drew these cuties at my last doodlestream so yeee 

lucy belongs to mama gen <33



prints of my street punk alien harem booklet i sold at mocca!! uwu 

all these babes belong to brigitte, night, jordy and bean <3