anyone up for pchat doodles?

room 13 halloweenie!! UoU

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mechagrunty asked: but you can kiss him on the eyelid when it's closed, which is much sweeter.

omgoodness that is true!!! kisses from all his gaylien husbands uou

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wobblywoods asked: Does Frankie's third eye move and react like his other two? :o

YUP!! so there’s not really any room to kiss him on the forehead u-u

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will is the dad of all yokes

i dont think i ever uploaded this here!!

…. Will is the dad of all the jokes!!

my fave doodle of will and frankie i drew in jordy’s sketchbook ohoho

frankie u dork!! will just got a haircut!! u-u

played around with my style on the flight back home! uou

the gayliens! go to the grocery

if i made gayliens!/frankie prints and stickers at cons… would u guys gO?

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omg my trip to Texas was AMAZINNNGGG <33 i had such a great time meeting up with the bae jordy!! I also got to meet my long time friend ALEX the day before i had to fly back home!! ;w;
I’m gunna make this a read more cuz i’m gunna just blabber on and pics guhuhuhuhuhu

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